when the eyes see into a narrow place can produce something magical.
I'm not for a beautiful view but to fully appreciate this life colorful.
every picture is beautiful and nothing bad.
that is the real me
Get to know me from here
e to my colorful earth

Saturday, November 20, 2010

weddin - graphy

huda + hisyam

this memories for my lovely friend huda in engagement ceremony.. congratulation to huda and hisyam ... dont forget to invite me be photographer for your wedding soon ok... he3 ... this for you...

Sufian+Herdawati  [AkadNikah]

this for my first snap picture for wedding. actualy the bride is my cousin sufian , this experiense give me some knowledge and more colourful of  idea. congratulation to Sufian and Herdawati ...moga kekal hingga ke anak cucu...from my eyes this for you.



Sufian + Herdawati   [weddingReception]

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